​ " Anti-Semitism as a political movement neither can nor should be based on fleeting emotions, but on the acceptance of fact. And the fact is that Judaism is a matter of race and not religion ... reasonable anti-Semitism ... must lead to a systematic and lawful campaign for the removal of those privileges which the Jew enjoys, unlike other foreigners in our midst who are subject to the law applying to aliens. The final aim of such anti-Semitism must be unquestionably the removal of the Jews."
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- Adolf Hitler

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Hitler's opinion was that the Jews were not equal to the Germans, being an ugly, subversive people whose main aim was to take over the world. Hitler cited the Jews as being the single, most-powerful threat to a superior, pure or 'Aryan' German race.

Event's in Hitler's Life

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  • ​Born on April 20th 1889 in Braunau-am-Inn, Austria

  • Moved to Vienna in 1909 to find a better life, but within a year was living in homeless shelters.

  • In 1913 he moved to Germany, and in 1914 joined the army, were he was promoted and decorated. From 1918-1919, he worked at prisoner of war camp.
  • In 1919, he gave his first speech to a crowd (100). After several speeches, he had started to have a gang of men with like-minded ideas, which he used to squash outcries at his meetings, which were increasing in size.

  • In 1921, Hitler was practically in control of what he called the Nazi Party, and after a small debate, the others realized that Hitler brought in most of the funds from his speech's, therefore he was placed in full command
  • In 1923, Hitler's regime tried to overthrow the German Government, but the uprising was squashed, and Hitler was thrown into jail, where he wrote Mein Kampf (My Struggles).

  • Re-Building the Nazi Party - 1924-1932-Hitler was released from Landsberg prison in December 1924 after serving only six months of his sentence. The collapse of the Wall St. stock exchange in 1929 led to a world wide recession which hit Germany especially hard. All loans to Germany from foreign countries dried up, German industrial production slumped and millions were made unemployed. These conditions were beneficial to Hitler and his Nazi campaigning.

  • Hitler Becomes Chancellor - 1932-1933
  • Committed suicide in 1945. Adolf Hitler was responsible for the Holocaust and the murder of about 11 million people.

The video to the right shows Hitlers childhood, and also what he was thinking during the WWII and how he justified his actions.


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