The Bourgeoisie in the USSR

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Historically the middle class in European society; social class consisting of merchants that sprang up in the cities of the feudal world in the 12th century


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  • Began primarily as merchants

  • The term bourgeoisie arose in medieval France,where it denotes an inhabitant of a walled town.
  • This middle class, adapted themselves to feudalism and achieve economic dominance.

  • Its overtones became important in the 18th century, when the middle class of professionals, manufactures, and their literary and political allies began to demand and influence politics consistent with their economic status.

  • The domination of the weak by the strong, of the many by the few, of the toilers by the exploiters is a basic law of bourgeoisie democracy.

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Karl Marx Marx was one of the many thinkers who treated the French Revolution as a revolution for the of the bourgeoisie.

In Marxist theory, the bourgeoisie plays a heroic role by revolutionizing industry and modernizing society.

Bourgeoisie were a higher social class primarily merchants

Mollie liked to be groomed, have ribbons, and eat sugar cubes which shows that she makes herself seem better then the other animals.

Bourgeoisie social class and Mollie both want nice thing and care about themselves.

Mollie would try and avoide work and would make excuses to get out of work and would just stare at her reflection in the water. (pg. 45)



Till Death Do Us Part

“Workers! If you do not now destroy the bourgeoisie, it will destroy you. Prepare for a mass attack on the enemies of the Revolution. . . .”

-Pravda, August 31, 1918:

Flag for the Death of the Bourgeoisie in the USSR
Flag for the Death of the Bourgeoisie in the USSR

In the 1918s cry of “All power to the Soviets” meant a
resounding ‘No!’ to the bourgeoisie who instead
demanded “All power to the Constituent Assembly.”

Lenin refused to hand over parliamentary power
to a certain bourgeois counter-revolution.

The resulting bloody civil war between Reds and Whites
of Russia was between those two battle cries, between
those two classes: the red revolutionary class and the
white malignant bourgeoisie.

From that moment it was all-out attack
on the counter-revolutionary bourgeoisie.

“Death to the bourgeoisie!”

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