​Czar Nicholas II-The last Czar of Russia
"I am not yet ready to be Tsar. I know nothing of the business of ruling."
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Ruled from 1868-1917
He and his family were executed in 1918 but were found in 1998

Czar Nicholas is Mr.Jones the cruel but sometimes nice farmer.
  • Nicholas II was the last Czar of Russia. As it appears in the novel Mr. Jones is the last farmer to "rule" the animal farm.
  • Czar Nicholas II was a poor leader much like Mr.Jones who often left his animals to starve.
  • Much like Czar Nicholas II to his opponents, Mr.Jones was often cruel to the animals.
  • Though both were at time cruel they shared glimpses of kindness. Czar Nicholas II would hire children to work for him for money. Mr.Jones would often mix in milk with the animals mash.
  • Czar Nicholas II was a poor leader and because of this the people took over the government. After the people get rid of Czar Nicholas II the country grew stronger and ran much smoother. In the novel Animal Farm this happens to Mr.Jones' farm when the animals take over.
  • "There is no justice among men."-Czar Nicholas II
  • " All men are enemies. All animals are comrades."-George Orwell, Animal Farm,Ch.1
  • http://www.answers.com/topic/nicholas-ii - a short biography about The Czar Nicholas II
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