"Kulaks" means "fist" in Russian.
"Kulaks" means "fist" in Russian.

A fist can mean resistance or unity. In Chapter 7 of "Animal Farm" theres a unity resisting a leading power.
“Do not trust him! The kulak is the most hardened enemy of socialism”

  • Wealthy or Prosperous Peasants
  • They owned relatively large farms
  • They employed hired labor
  • Lent money to poorer peasants
  • Provided Mortgages
  • 4% of peasants became Kulaks


What Happened???
The Soviet government accused the Kulaks of being capitalists.

What the Government did??Increased their taxes
Restricted their right to lease land
They started a campaign in 1929 to liquidate them It was called Dekulakization
Some were sent to various parts of the Soviet union
Some of them were arrested.
Their land was taken away.

Dekulakization: The process of to eliminate the Kulaks class. They wanted to do this because they wanted a close knit community.

"Kulaks" End
"The Constitution of 1936 known as the "Stalin Constitution" was passed giving kulaks their rights back. They were finally reinstated with their civilian rights during or shortly after World War II.

How does this relate to animal farm????
  1. The animals that Napoleon kills are the Kulaks.
  2. Napoleon did this because he wanted to make a better society.
  3. The Communist leader's goal was the same.
  4. Stalin saw Kulaks as a threat, while Napoleon saw the group of animals as a threat.

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