The Propoganda Machine of Communism

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A Brief History of PRAVDA
  • PRAVDA was a newspaper started by Leon Trotsky in 1912
  • Pravda has withstood many incredible hardships and harassments and consolidated its positions through the support of the working class.
  • After the overthrow of Czar Nicholas II, the PRAVDA kicked into high gear and was selling almost 100,000 copies daily
  • Two types of PRAVDA: Trotsky's and the Bolshevik's, Trotsky's was the earlier version and headed by leon Trotsky, after Lenin took over he became the chief editor and the paper became known as the "Bolshevik's PRAVDA"
  • PRAVDA became the mouth of the Communist Party after Vladimir Lenin began exercising broad editing powers
  • The Communist party was able to spread it's influence and distort facts about the country and outside world because it alone had complete control over the paper
  • PRAVDA was used mainly to gather public support for Communist policies and condem any who opposed the party

Paralles Between "Animal Farm"
  • In the novel, PRAVDA represents the pig Squealer and the Pigeons

Squealer & Pigeons
- Circulated to far corners of the Soviet Union to gain support for Communism
- Pigeons were sent to other farms to spread the beliefs of Animalism
- Stated that the government was supreme and that many of the governments policies were for the best
- Squealer would convince the other animals that anything Napoleon said was right and that he always look out for the farm
- The paper would often criticize and villainize any opposition to the government and would justify harsh actions such as exile
- Squealer would tell the animals about how Snowball is sabotaging the farm to explain anything bad that happens, he also reassures the animals about the executions
- The paper would often distort party ideals in order to make the government seem as though it was doing the right thing all along even when it would stray from original party beliefs
- Squealer would change the Seven Commandments in order to allow the pigs to do what they wanted without technically "breaking the rules"

Useful Quotes From "Animal Farm"
"Everyday Snowball and Napoleon...Beasts of England" (54)
· "Suppose you had better than a criminal" (69)
· "The animals were not certain...accepted his explanation without further question" (72)
· "He assured them that the resolution...lies circulated by Snowball" (77)
· "They had thought...drink alcohol to excess' " (113)
· "Once again all rations...principles of Animalism" (115)
· "Reading out the figures...suffered less from fleas" (115)
· "Some of the animals...any animal could be so stupid" (125)
· "There was nothing there... ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS" (133)

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